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I am a Certified Life Coach through

The Life Coach School and proud member of Attention Deficient Disorder Association (ADDA) and Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

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   Together, we will explore:

  • How to RECLAIM 5 to 10 hours per week guilt-free!

  • What is holding you back from achieving the best version of YOU?

  • Anything you want:  sex, money, relationships, parenting, sleep, how to get promoted to leadership, pay raises, how to start your own business, negotiation

  • Discuss and modify strategies to target what is working and what is not.

  • How to achieve the desired results in any are of your life.

  My promise to you:

  • You will RECLAIM            5 to 10 hours a week.    What will you do with 260 to 520 hours a year?

  • I will walk you through managing your mind and learning how to set healthy boundaries with those CHARTS and dreaded INBASKET. 

  • You will learn about self-care and its benefits.

  • You will learn how to be self-confident and comfortable in your own skin. 

  • You will learn how to stop self-doubting, while learning how to believe in yourself.

  • You will learn how to express and deal with your emotions--even the ugly ones.


  • 12 Private 1:1, 45min videoconference coaching sessions

  • received follow-up emails with individualized action plans

  • 24/7  Access to me via  Video Messaging between sessions for on demand  coaching

12 Private 1:1
Virtual 45 Min Coaching Sessions
$3997 USD

Support Groups

8 week Transformational
Virtual Group Coaching for Physicians with ADHD    or anyone ready to slay their schedule

$1997 USD

Next Course Starts
November 22, 2021

Choose from
Monday 8pm central  or
Thurs 2pm central 
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This is much more than a productivity group for PHYSICIANS with ADHD or those overwhelmed with their loaded schedule.

This is a coaching and accountability group that will TRANSFORM

the relationship you have with yourself and those around you.

It will help you DESIGN the life of your dreams with PURPOSE because


Every week I will guide the group

on a specific pillar:

Goal(s) Setting

Mindset needed to create them and how to Implement the actions necessary to Achieve them.

Planning /Prioritizing

I will walk you every step of the way as you DESIGN your ideal day, week, month and year of your life.

Focus your time and  energy on what most MATTERS to you. 


Charting & Managing the Inbox

So you can do work at work and not bring it home


Create Time / Slay you schedule 

Learn about time-efficiency and living a life of intention where you control how your time is BEST spent.  

Self Care

 Come to a your SAFE space

We will learn to fill our own cup first; we will implement tools that enhance our ADHD brain, body and soul.


Creation of Habits

 Support and reinforce the lifestyle you have always envisioned by creating and strengthening habits that tailor to you.


Learning to discard emotional, mental and physical obstacles/items that are keeping you from becoming the best version you can be.


Emotion Dysregulation/ Self Compassion

 Learn to love and accept all of you and what makes you YOU.


  • 8 weekly group, 90 min videoconference coaching calls

  • 6 private 1:1, 30 min virtual coaching session 

  • Weekly video lessons

  • 4 Live Group Guest Speakers- see feature coaches page (coming soon)

  • Self-guided progress workbook

  • Group community on private Facebook group

  • Video Messaging between sessions for on demand coaching

Name it to Tame it.  Name your Fear. Mine was not being good enough.  I was afraid others would find out I had ADHD. I was afraid that I would be judged for not having my “shit-together.”  The pandemic did a good job at amplifying that belief.

I share my story so that you can see that I am no different than you. Having ADHD is a neutral situation, however, the thoughts I was having regarding my diagnosis was causing me to feel ashamed and Imposter Syndrome. ADHD was never in my radar. I seemed to do well at the things I enjoyed. I excelled academically in high school, and I am a first generation Mexican-American to attend college. I then went on to be a first generation to have been admitted to medical school. learned to speak English when I was ten after my family moved to Texas. I have always felt that if you kept showing up, put in the necessary work, and were willing to take small steps, then absolutely nothing could keep me from achieving what I set my mind to. I realize this wasn’t the best coping-mechanism for my ADHD after this pandemic arrived unexpectedly and BROKE me.


I felt like I was a HOTMESS. I was living in a reactive in which I was constantly trying to put out fires. My inner voice kept telling I was a half-ass doctor, half-ass mother (to my 1 year old daughter and 2 year old son), half-ass wife, half-ass daughter, half- ass sister, half-ass friend—you get the picture. All the tactics I had used up to this point to overcome my own ADHD were no longer enough.

For the past eight years, I ignored my own ADHD diagnosis when the life-changing words were uttered by a psychiatrist, “You are a Doctor...You should know better! Adults outgrow ADHD!” So- when things would get hard--- I would tell myself ---"suck it up buttercup, you need to do whatever it takes to appear normal." I often found myself doing everything for others and overlooked my own needs.  I now come to realize that ignoring owns ADHD can be very expensive. It not only affected own's mental /emotional health, but also ones physical health. I spent endless hours questioning my self-worth, sitting in self-doubt and criticizing myself for not being able to do the adult tasks that seemed so easy for other who didn’t have ADHD. Wondering why I always was at least 100 charts behind despite having already invested at least 10 hours unpaid time for charting outside of my work week.

This past year has been truly TRANSFORMATIONAL for me --- I decided to go  ALL IN on myself.  I came to realize that our mental health is the single most important return on investment I could make. I am by single MOST IMPORTANT ASSEST.  I discovered life coaching,  listened to podcasts, completed multiple ADHD courses, hired an ADHD coach for both group and individual 1:1 sessions, attended medical virtual conferences regarding adult ADHD, and started seeing a psychiatrist.  

As Dr. Hallowell explains in his ADHD 2.0 book-- ADHD can be a serious  health hazardous risk-  adults who are not medicated are at risk for dying from unnatural causes and decreasing their life scan by 21 years.  I am committed to sharing everything I learned to not only decrease any emotional /health risks but to guide you every step of the way to create the life of your dreams.

I had so much fun guiding my clients to see that  ADHD is truly a BEAUTIFUL GIFT if you learn to UNWRAP it. 

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