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12 week Creating Aligned Systems Executive Function Group Coaching For Physicians

Take back control of your life within 12 weeks using techniques that are effective for distractive physicians even those with ADHD.


If you are a physician  struggling to manage ADHD or feel overwhelmed by your workload and who is desperate to create systems to leave work at work and be more present at home, you my ideal client! I will help you reclaim your life. 


You’re barely surviving and definitely not thriving and that’s not good enough. You deserve to live a truly fulfilled life professionally and personally. No matter what anyone else says, that is possible even with ADHD. You aren’t a lost cause. You just need help to create systems that tap into your zone of genius that will manage your time and energy in the long run. 


YES, I’m ready to transform!




  • Being able to leave work at work and not taking anything home so you aren’t racking up hours of unpaid work, losing out on time with your family and completely draining your energy. 
  • Being able to focus on your zone of genius instead of getting distracted by all the other things you are responsible for by delegating what you don’t want to do.
  • Having the freedom to fill your schedule with what you want to do and not having it packed with tasks that don’t excite you. This is your life. Spend your time how you want to. 
  • Going home with enough energy to enjoy being with your family. Instead of blowing up at your kids or partner because you’ve had a hard day at work, you have the patience to cope with what can feel like a second shift. 
  • Feeling aligned with your purpose, waking up each day excited to get going and falling asleep fulfilled. You aren’t just going through the motions. You are making the most of every second. 

What you'll get:

  • your personal life back
  • peace of mind
  • personalized systems that support your zone of genius that allow you to leave work at work 

Can't wait to discover together what will you do with an additional 5-10 hours per week? 



    ​12 week Creating Aligned Systems Executive Function Group Coaching Program for Physicians

    • 9 weekly live group, 60 min video-conference coaching calls (Mondays 8pm central)

    •  weekly live coaching office hours , 45 min video-conference (Sunday 7am central or 7pm central)

    •  1 private 1:1, 30 min virtual coaching session

    • 3 private virtual declutter coaching sessions, 60min

    • 3 live Expert Guest Coaches 

    • Short pre-recorded core module video to help you create systems that support you in your zone of genius

    • Self- guided workbook to facilitate your systems

    •  20 CME AMA -Category 1 AMA

    •  Private Facebook Group Community




     MODULE 1: Attention Regulation / Minimize Distractions and Discover Executive Function Tools to Optimize Your Life
    MODULE 2: Create Time At Will by Planning and Prioritizing Your Schedule
     MODULE 3 : Improve Well-being and Prevent Burnout By Using Evidence Tools - Self-Care and Self-Coaching
    MODULE 4: Create Charting & Inbasket Systems: Close Your Charts Same Day (Leave Work at Work)
    MODULE 5 : Understanding Emotion Regulation , Metacognition, Task Switching, Implementing Boundaries - Improves Team and Patient Communication
    MODULE 6 : Time Management-How to Approach (Before, During and After ) Clinical Encounters and Manage Backlog
    MODULE 7 : Improving Relationships Bridging the Gap in Communication , Create Timely Billing and Patient Referrals
    MODULE 8 : Create Effective Habits to Support your Zone of Genius To Decrease Decision Fatigue
    MODULE 9 : Declutter Your Life -Decisions Move You Forward