Take back control of your life within 12 weeks using techniques that are effective for physicians with ADHD.


You are a physician or medical student struggling to manage ADHD. You're overwhelmed by your workload and desperate to reclaim 5-10 hours a week instead of spending that many hours doing unpaid work. You already know that you need to make a change in your life. 

You’re barely surviving and definitely not thriving and that’s not good enough. You deserve to live a truly fulfilled life, professionally and personally. No matter what anyone else says, that is possible even with ADHD. You aren’t a lost cause. You just need help to create systems that tap into your zone of genius so you can effectively manage your time and energy in the long run.


That's where I come in.




  • Being able to leave work at work and not taking anything home so you aren’t racking up hours of unpaid work, losing out on time with your family, and completely draining your energy. 
  • Being able to focus on your zone of genius instead of getting distracted by all the other things you are responsible for by delegating what you don’t want to do.
  • Having the freedom to fill your schedule with what you want to do and not having it packed with tasks that don’t excite you. 
  • Recognizing that this is your life and you can spend your time how you want to. 
  • Going home with enough energy to enjoy being with your family instead of blowing up at your kids or partner because you’ve had a hard day at work; having the patience to cope with what can feel like a second shift. 
  • Feeling aligned with your purpose, waking up each day excited to get going, and falling asleep fulfilled.
  • Not going through the motions but making the most of every second.

It’s the dream life, isn’t it? But right now, it feels impossible to achieve.

Instead, right now your life looks more like this:

Every moment of your day is spoken for so you feel like you never get any time to yourself to think about ways to get out of this vicious cycle of exhaustion. That means all the tension of feeling unhappy with life builds up until you explode at your colleagues, partner, or kids even though it’s not their fault. You want to reach out for help, but the idea leaves you feeling ashamed. You’re a physician. You should know what you’re doing. Maybe you’ve even been belittled for having ADHD and told you’ll grow out of it. 


When we’ve been stuck in a certain way of living for so long, it feels like it’s impossible for things to change. Especially when we are made to feel different because of ADHD. We are made to think people like us don’t function at a high level, and we are doomed to be bad parents, physicians, friends, partners. Even if you had the time, could you find a strategy that actually worked?

That’s exactly how I felt a year and a half ago.


I was struggling to cope with life, and I didn’t think there was anything I could do to make things better. I was behind at work, and my relationship with my family was strained. To be honest, I was at a breaking point. 


I had to try something. That’s when I gave coaching a go. Everything changed. I found out that ADHD didn’t have to hold me back. With the right strategies, I could propel myself forward. I could let go of the shame that prevented me from managing my ADHD for years and empower myself to function at my highest level and get everything I wanted out of life.

Let me help you take back your life.

You’ve been feeling like you just aren’t happy for a while, but it’s hard to admit that when it looks like you have everything you ever wanted—your dream job, a family, etc. Even when you accepted things needed to change, you didn’t know how and you didn’t know if it was possible for you. Your job is hard and ADHD makes it even harder.

Let me reassure you that you can make your life what you want when you take back control. You don’t have to live your life feeling bad about yourself, never being able to keep up with your to-do list, always arriving late, constantly running on low energy, and blowing up at people because you are frustrated you can’t be the person you want to be.

There are techniques, tools and strategies that can change the way you live your life for the better even despite the things you struggle with. I know how life-changing these techniques are which is why I just had to share them with you.

You are not the problem. 

You just haven’t been given the tools and techniques that work for you.


You don’t have to live your life feeling like a hot mess and always 10 steps behind. You do have the ability to stay on top of your to-do list and feel good about yourself. You don’t have to live in a reactive state where you feel like life is just happening to you. You can be proactive and the one leading your life. You don’t have to suffer in silence. With support, you can thrive. You see, ADHD is truly a BEAUTIFUL GIFT if you learn to UNWRAP it.


Let me help you take back your life.


You’ve been feeling like you just aren’t happy for a while, but it’s hard to admit that when it looks like you have everything you ever wanted —your dream job, a family, etc. Even when you accept that things need to change, you didn’t know how and you didn’t know if it was possible for you. Your job is hard and ADHD makes it even harder.

Let me reassure you that you can make your life what you want when you take back control. You don’t have to live your life feeling bad about yourself, never being able to keep up with your to-do list, always arriving late, constantly running on low energy, and blowing up at people because you are frustrated you can’t be the person you want to be.

There are techniques, tools, and strategies to change the way you live your life for the better despite the things you struggle with. I know how life-changing these techniques are, which is why I just have to share them with you.

Here is what most physicians with ADHD or difficulty managing their time don’t realize.




We look up to physicians because they are highly trained professionals and have life-saving skills. As a physician, that can be a lot of pressure. 

Being a physician does not stop you from being human. We all have our flaws. There’s nothing wrong with that because once we recognize our flaws, we can put strategies in place to help us thrive in spite of them. 

Instead of ignoring or trying to hide your flaws, tackle them head-on. 




When you’re 100 charts behind at work, you keep turning up late to pick up your kids from day care, and intrusive negative thoughts are taking over your mind, it’s hard to feel like things can get better. 

But they can. They did for me. You can have the same transformation. Life isn’t all smooth sailing. Being a physician and a parent is hard at times. However, it shouldn’t be so hard that you feel like you can’t cope. When it gets close to that point, it's time to intervene with techniques that take the pressure off. 

Remember, asking for help doesn’t make you weak.

As physicians, people come to us for help all the time. We don’t consider our patients as weak. So why do we judge ourselves so harshly?

No one knows it all and no one can do it all themselves. That’s why we have support networks to fill in the gaps. To pick us back up when we fall down. Support networks can consist of friends, family, coaches, and even coping strategies. 

Accepting things aren’t right and committing to making a change takes so much strength. 



Yes, some physicians seem to be able to do it all automatically. There are people who figure out how to stay on top of their charting straight away. But there are plenty of other people who aren’t able to do that themselves. 

It doesn’t make you a bad person to need help figuring out your charting or anything else in your life. We all have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. You are amazing at something the charting pros struggle to do. That’s the beauty of your uniqueness. 

Embrace your strengths and find strategies to deal with your weaknesses. 




You deserve so much more than to spend your evenings catching up on work. That time you have outside of work is so valuable. It’s a chance to enjoy being you outside of your physician role. It’s a chance to have fun with your friends and family. It’s a chance to decompress and refresh yourself before your next shift. 

Don’t sacrifice your free time to stay on top of things at work. You are in control. Your job shouldn’t be controlling you. However you spend your free time, the point is it’s your time to do what you want. 


Taking back your free time is the key to staying energized in all areas of your life.

Introducing Transformational Virtual Group Coaching for Physicians with ADHD.



This program was created by a physician with ADHD for physicians with ADHD or those who simply struggle to manage their schedule. I have been exactly where you are. I’ve felt the frustration of not being the person I want to be and the fear that things will never change. I have also gone through a complete transformation using the very techniques we will cover in this coaching. I have never felt happier and more able to manage my time. 


I’m not hiding away from the often-overlooked fact that ADHD affects so many people including physicians and that sometimes physicians need help. I’m here to fill the gap that leaves so many physicians lost when reaching out for help.

Transformational Virtual Group Life Coaching for Physicians with ADHD is the only program of its kind that …

Gives physicians the space to admit their flaws and find strategies for dealing with them so they don’t negatively impact their life. This is a safe, judgment-free zone. 

Empowers those with ADHD (who are often written off) to live their best life instead of settling for the routine of struggling every day. You have everything it takes. You just need a push in the right direction. 

Praises the strength of those who ask for help, especially when faced with the stigma of ADHD that sometimes even other physicians spread. Recognizing you need to make a change will lead you to living your best life.

Embraces the power of community. With your fellow attendees, you can explore your struggles and find solutions that are effective for you. We can do so much better together compared to facing life alone.

Actually helps physicians to save time through the implementation of effective strategies that work in the long term. Put in the effort now and see the massive return of hours and hours saved each week.

So if you are ready to reclaim your schedule while focusing on what matters most to you, here’s how I’ll get you there:


We will work together for 12 weeks. You will watch a lesson each week and fill out an accompanying worksheet to prepare yourself for the 90-minute group call. Between calls, you can access the community through our Facebook group and direct messaging with me. You also have access to 6 individual calls that last 30 minutes. You can book these as soon as you secure your spot in the program.  


Each week we will focus on a different pillar of transformation.





Develop the mindset needed to create effective goals and learn how to implement the actions necessary to achieve them. Without goals, we don’t have direction in life, which is needed to take meaningful action and make real change.




What do you want your life to look like? I will guide you every step of the way as you DESIGN your ideal day, week, month, and year. When you know what you want and how to get it, all that is left is to take action. 


We only have a limited amount of time and energy but a seemingly endless number of tasks to do. You need to focus your time and energy on what most MATTERS to you instead of trying to do it all.




It’s important you do work at work so you can respect your time outside of work. With the right systems in place, you can get it all done without having to bring anything home and cutting into your me-time.




You decide how you spend your time to make the most of your day. I’ll tell you all about time efficiency and living a life of intention where you control how your time is BEST spent instead of just doing what you think everyone else wants you to do.




You are your most important asset, so it’s important you fill your own cup first. Learn to implement tools that enhance your ADHD brain, body, and soul so you can face each day with the best mindset possible.




Good habits set you up for a good life. Support and reinforce the lifestyle you have always envisioned by creating and strengthening habits that are tailored to you. Keep doing what works for you personally.




We can face a lot of barriers when it comes to living fulfilled lives. You’ll learn how to discard emotional, mental, and physical obstacles that are keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself.




Without this, it’s really hard to do what’s best for you and put yourself first when you need to. So it’s essential to set aside time to learn to love and accept all of you and what makes you YOU.




These techniques have saved clients from losing their job.


"When I started working with Dr. Diana, I felt overwhelmed and burned out. I was not sure she could help me. My life was falling apart, I had more than 350 charts open, was on the verge of losing my job due to not billing for both closed and open notes, or completing forms or calling my patients with their results.  

I would never leave the office before 8 p.m. and when I would, I quickly eat something and then feel a punch on the gut when my family would roll their eyes as I would get on the computer to chart again. They didn't know I might no longer have to chart if I didn't have a job. 

Dr. Diana gave me hope; she told me she could help. She said would support me—she would be there with me every step of the way as she would help me create systems that would allow me to work "in my zone of genius," whatever that meant. I honestly didn't know I had one. 

I was used to always having to apologize to others for my lack of time awareness, for my lateness—but slowly I started to change. I started to believe in me. I started to use timers. I started to close charts the same day. 

I actually got called to my manager’s office 2 weeks ago—I thought I was going to be fired. To my surprise, I was told they had seen incredible growth and wanted to support me in any way that they could—I got a 5% raise! 

Dr. Diana has transformed my life. I went on vacation without my computer! I enjoy my family! I can't wait to see who I will become in 6 months from now."

(M S Physician Private Sessions)

My Guarantee to You


Coaching is not the only way to manage ADHD, and I want to respect that by giving you 2 weeks to get a full refund. My priority is to help you transform. These strategies are what enabled me to transform, but if you don’t feel like it is doing the same for you, that’s fine. You can have a full refund, no problem. Just send me a message. 


At the 2-week point, we’ll have worked through the first two pillars, goal setting, and planning, so you will be seeing your dream life take shape and learning the techniques needed to make it a reality.

ADHD physician to ADHD physician, the life you love is just around the corner.

Here is what you are getting when you enroll today:


8 video lessons with accompanying worksheets available up to 6 months after the program

8 live group calls lasting 90 minutes

6 individual sessions lasting 30 minutes and accessible as soon as sign up for the program 

Private Facebook group access with your cohort that is unlimited

Private messaging with me

Guest speaker appearances with experts

I invested $38,000 in the coaching that I had to help me manage my ADHD. It was absolutely $38,000 well invested. I’ve made my coaching even more accessible. 


When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just $1,997. If you’d like to spread out the payment, I offer a payment plan of 3 monthly installment plan $725 (find this option at the bottom of the page).

One time payment

What people asked before signing up for Transformational Virtual Group Coaching for Physicians with ADHD


Can you put a price on your wellbeing and happiness? I am so glad I spent the $38,000 on my coaching, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I still work with coaches to this day. I was completely lost and hopeless before I had the chance to learn about myself and discover how I function best. 

On top of that, you have the opportunity to make money back from this program. You are going to be saving 5-10 hours a week. If your hourly rate is $200, that’s $1,000–$2,000 you can now make each week. If you add that up for one whole year, you could make an extra $52,000–$104,000. The amount of time you can reclaim is a big deal!

You could try to figure it out yourself but, in this situation, you either pay with time or money. It could take you a while to figure out your own strategies and find what works for you. I have done all the research and have proven techniques ready for you to implement. You don’t have to waste anymore of your time.



I know 12 weeks of coaching seems like a big commitment, but when you think about it, you don’t have the time to not join this coaching program. Unless you make a change now, you will continue to feel overwhelmed because you haven’t taken steps to reduce your workload and get on top of your to-do list. 

In the long run, 8 weeks of coaching is a short period of time to dedicate to getting 5–10 hours back a week. By putting off joining this course, you are putting off the inevitable work you need to do to finally slay your schedule and get your life back. 



Yes; I have seen it happen in myself and so many others. I know it’s easy to give up on yourself when other solutions haven’t worked, but you deserve the life you dream of. Give yourself another chance and you’ll be surprised at what you are capable of. 

The results I talk about throughout are absolutely possible for you. You can save 5–10 hours a week. You can leave your work at work. You can get organized. You can feel re-energized. You can make precious memories with your friends and family. 

Just take a look at what one of my previous clients has to say:

“After participating in Dr. Mercado's group coaching, I have developed insight and awareness, new coping strategies, and ways of identifying problems. The program offered a safe space to discuss a range of topics and provided support and accountability. I was pleased to learn new relevant information.” (S.R -Physician: Group and private session)

This is really a no-risk situation because of my 2-week guarantee. Try it, and if it just doesn’t click for you, ask for your money back, no questions asked. 



As humans, we differ in so many ways. The experience of physicians is unique compared to other professions. What’s even more unique is the experience of physicians with ADHD. By taking advice that isn’t tailored to your unique experience, you’ll struggle to see results. 

With my insight as an ADHD physician myself, I have been able to curate systems for each of my clients that allow them to work in their zone of genius. These systems can help you finally tackle that backlog of charts, billing struggles, and time blindness.  It's a no-brainer—you can’t pass up this tailored advice. It will transform your life.  



That’s an option you could try, but personally I wouldn’t recommend it. I tried to figure things out on my own for so many years—10, to be exact—and got nowhere. I didn’t even know where to start when it came to finding strategies that helped me save time, figuring out ways to stay organized, and discovering how to deal with the emotional side of my ADHD. 

I was completely lost, and I don’t want the same for you. As your coach, I’m your GPS. I will show you the direction you need to go so you don’t wander around lost, never actually achieving your goals or feeling any better. 



It really depends on how committed you are. Coaching is a two-way street. I’m committed to my clients and work only with those who are ready to be ALL IN so they obtain the results they desire. By engaging in the program and implementing the systems that support you personally, you’ll get results much quicker than if you continue to use your current inefficient systems.

If you are ready to reclaim 5–10 hours a week, I am here to tell you it is possible. If you are ready to take the steps necessary to reclaim your schedule, your dreams, your life. I’m here to guide you, but ultimately you are the CEO of your life.



When I finally stopped trying to put myself in the same box that those around me, and gave myself permission to set up systems that supported the way my brain worked, it transformed my life and I have been able to replicate this transformation in the lives of my clients. I know what you are thinking, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I invite you to bet on yourself risk-free—if you feel like the program just isn’t working for you, you can use my 2-week guarantee to get 100% of your investment money back. 

What success means in this program is you feeling in control of your life again. You haven’t worked this hard to be a slave to your schedule, never having time for what you want to do. Success means saving time with proven systems personalized for you to work as efficiently so you feel on top of your to-do list.  Success means creating healthy habits so you can rely on yourself to get things done when they need to get done (not in the middle of the night at home when everyone else is asleep). The growth you experience in this program lasts. With systems that allow you to tap into your zone of genius, you won’t fall back into overwhelm, exhaustion, and frustration again. 

If you don’t feel like this is your path to the success, I won’t make you stay because your success is my priority.  



Absolutely! In Transformational Virtual Group Life Coaching for Physicians with ADHD, you get access to 12 weeks of group coaching backed up by weekly lessons and worksheets. You get extra support through the private Facebook group and private messaging with me between sessions. On top of that, I’m offering you six 30-minute 1:1 calls with me that you can book whenever suits you up to 3 months after the program ends to ensure we create the systems that help support your zone of genius.
For a small investment of $1,997 you are gifting yourself the opportunity to create systems that will save 260–520 hours a year. Just imagine what you could do with all that time and no stress caused by backlogged tasks.


This is perfect for you if:


You are ready to break out of the cycle of never having enough time for yourself, your family, your job. 

You’ve tried other ways of reclaiming your time but nothing has worked for you in the long term.

You want personalized systems that support your life as a physician with ADHD.

You are committed to making a real change in your life. 

You are willing to try something new.

You don’t know how to get back on track.

You are excited to live a fulfilled life. 

You want to know how to make your dream life a reality.

You are ready to get organized and plan your way to success. 

If you said yes to 5 or more of the above, I can’t wait to work with you inside Transformational Virtual Group Coaching for Physicians with ADHD.

3 monthly installments