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Transform your
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Are you Physician with ADHD or someone who feels overwhelmed with life and is ready to slay your schedule to achieve your full potential?

You are only ONE decision away from the life you want. 

Yes, its really that easy. 

Look no further!

I offer amazing private and group coaching to help you TRANSFORM the relationship you have with yourself and reclaim 

5-10 hours per week guilt-free !


Does this describe you?

  • Do you feel like you are always behind on everything?

  • Do you feel so drained after work that you don't have energy for your significant other,  kids, or friends?

  • Does the clutter in your home cause  anxiety?

  • Do chores like dishes and laundry feel insurmountable? 

  • Do you feel frustrated or guilty because you just can't seem to live up to your potential or others expectations of you?

  • Do you find yourself lying to others to save face or not be rejected?           

  • Do you feel like I am in your head? I have lived all of the scenarios above and have learned to overcome them. 

Its EASIER than you think, I will guide you EVERY STEP of the way!


Group & Individual Coaching Sessions

I help physicians with ADHD or ADHD -tendencies to get out of paralyzing anxiety by teaching how to live a life of intention.

  1. get control of your schedule

  2. increase self confidence

  3. decrease stress level 

Group Sessions

Join us in an intimate and interactive 8 week accountability programs via 1 hour Zoom calls.

Individual Sessions

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personalized plan to manage your routines and ensure self growth.

Yoga at Home

I hired Dr. Mercado because I was struggling with several ADHD symptoms.  In particular, I was having negative thoughts that would then turn into rumination. Once I started ruminating, I had a difficult time getting out of the cycle. After working with her, I can now recognize how my thoughts affect my feelings and actions. Her process is very practical and easy to follow and implement. Her open, thoughtful and kind approach made it easier for me to share my challenges and work through my roadblocks. She taught me how to self-coach myself which empowered me to make real changes in my life. I am beyond grateful to have found her and would recommend her for gaining clarity with your struggles, getting your life back on track and enjoying your life.
Katherine Scantling (Private 1:1)

I'm so happy I met Dr. Mercado when I did. I went into these group sessions feeling like a total mess and had no idea how I would survive medical school.  I don't handle transitions well, but this course helped me establish a regular schedule that I could stick to. I liked the networking and support of other medical students, residents and physicians. If I were to do this course again, would invest in more 1:1 coaching.   L. K. (Med Student)


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