Slay your schedule and find the freedom to enjoy life

It’s easy for life to get on top of you, especially when you have ADHD, but you have the power to take it back. With the right systems in place, you can get your work done on time, keep on top of the chores at home and still have time for your friends and family. 

My coaching is for:


Physicians and medical students who know it’s time to make a change, and are tired of:

  • Always having a backlog of work 

  • Spending loads of unpaid hours catching up on charting 

  • Never being on time 

  • Struggling to keep their home tidy which just increases their anxiety 

  • Feeling bad about themselves 

  • The guilt that comes with not meeting their own or others’ expectations

  • Lying just to save face 

  • People-pleasing due to fear of rejection

  • Feeling like they are only just about surviving

Relaxing on Hammock

Imagine if you could completely change that in a matter of months.

My clients finish my coaching programs ready to take on life no matter what it throws at them because they have systems in place to keep them on track. They know that their ADHD isn’t going to hold them back because they have learnt techniques to manage it which they never got the chance to before due to stigma.

Proud Mother

Instead of being in a reactive state, they are in control of their lives because they have created boundaries for themselves. Their confidence has boosted and their stress is almost non-existent. They have routines that they know work so they can go forward tackling their work and home life and anything else they set their mind to. They have embraced the role of the CEO of their own life.

My coaching is different because it is created for physicians with ADHD by a physician with ADHD. A lot of the time I felt like no one understood what I was going through - the frustration, the guilt, the hopelessness. But I know I am not alone in my experience. I don’t have to keep struggling hoping my ADHD will go away. I can understand that part of me and thrive.

It's time to learn that:

  1. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to

  2. Your negative thoughts about yourself don’t reflect who you really are

  3. You are not a lost cause but ready for a total life transformation

  4. Struggling to stay on top of everything does not make you a bad physician

  5. Asking for help takes so much courage and I’m so proud of you

So if you are ready to...

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Create a routine that allows you to leave work at work 


Learn how to stay on top of charting and billing


Implement boundaries that protect your mental health 


Find out how to organize yourself and manage your time even with ADHD


Feel good about yourself again 


Understand how to manage frustrations so you don’t become passive-aggressive


Make time for yourself on a regular basis

than my coaching is for you!

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What we can do together

As a certified life coach, I offer both individual and group coaching so you can go down a path that work for you.

Transformation Individual Life Coaching


Have private sessions with me, a certified life coach and ADHD physician, to create your perfect action plan for taking back your life.


You will get access to:

  • 12 private coaching sessions lasting 45 minutes

  • Follow up emails after each session with your next steps

  • Contact with me between sessions through messaging on Facebook or Marco Polo


You will finish this program with a personalized system full of strategies and techniques that allow you to get the most out of each day as well as a better understanding of how you can function at your highest level even when dealing with difficult emotions. You will feel back in control of your life and ready to it make the most of it.


I’m offering you all this whole transformation for only $3997.

Transformational Group Life Coaching


Join an inspiring 12 week program with other physicians to learn together how to manage your time, responsibilities and emotions.


You’ll get access to:


  • 8 group coaching sessions lasting 90 minutes

  • 6 private coaching sessions lasting 30 minutes 

  • Weekly lessons and worksheets 

  • Private Facebook group 

  • Contact with me between sessions through Facebook or Marco Polo


Some coaching programs that last 2 months cost upwards of $10k. I paid $38k for my coaching. But I’m offering you all this for $1997.

My promise to you


There are various different ways to deal with ADHD and time management issues. Coaching transformed my life and I’m confident it can transform the lives of others. However, if you start one of my coaching programs and feel like it isn’t working for you, you can get your money back. 


I have a 2 week guarantee where within that time if you have implemented the techniques we have talked about and you’ve decided it isn’t for you, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. 


My role as your life coach is to help you to make the best decisions for you.

Coaching that works for you

As a certified life coach, I offer both individual and group coaching so you can go down a path that work for you.

Check out individual coaching if:

  • You are ready to make an investment in your mental health 

  • You want the space to talk about your problems and come up with solutions you can implement ASAP

  • You connect better with people on a 1:1 basis compared to a group

Check out group coaching if:


  • You want to learn proven techniques that will help you practically and emotionally

  • You’d like to connect with other physicians with similar experiences

  • You’d like individual help when you ask for it


It’s time to put your mental health first

I know it’s scary to invest in yourself and trust that things can get better but you deserve to live your life functioning at your highest capacity. Here are some things I get asked a lot. 


Why is the investment that much?


As a physician, you might be used to by the hour pricing but I’ve come up with the pricing for my coaching packages based on the value it brings to your life. Reclaiming 5-10 hours a week really adds up in the long run. Say your hourly rate is $200, you are reclaiming $1000 to $2000 a week. On top of that, your mental wellbeing and time with your family are priceless. The transformation my coaching provides changes your future for the long run.


What about if I don’t have time?


I know you are already strapped for time but making the commitment to coaching will earn you back hours and hours. You don’t really have time not to do this. You can try to work it out yourself and struggling through it alone or you can get results quicker with proven techniques and the support of a coach who understands what you are going through. How much longer can you live overwhelmed, overworked and unhappy?


Have more questions? Check out my FAQ page.

You could just click away right now but first think about what is the best decision for you. 


Clicking away now means not investing any money and not adding something else to your already full schedule.


It also means not doing anything to help you catch up on your to-do list, stay on top of your charting, manage your billing and overcome your time blindness. You’ll continue to struggle to find time for yourself as well as all your responsibilities at home and at work. Nothing will change and right now you need change. 


You could try to figure out strategies for yourself. It would mean using time and energy you just don’t have experimenting with techniques that you have no idea whether they will work. You could Google some strategies even though it’s unlikely what you find will be targeted for ADHD physicians. You could just move on with your life. The problem is adults don’t grow out of ADHD. It doesn’t just disappear if you ignore it. 


What I’m giving you the opportunity to do today is take the first step towards changing your life. I will help you through the whole process. You just have to be willing to take this journey with me. Are you in?