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Beyond ADHD- A Physicians Perspective: Podcast

One of the most important things I've learned since starting this journey is that I am not alone. There are countless other high-performing professionals who are struggling with the same thoughts as I do. Now, you can tune in to my podcast and meet others just like you and hear how they are handling life, work, charts, family, parenthood- all while living and THRIVING with ADHD.

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Interview with Tracy Otsuka

Hear me talk about my ADHD journey, especially my medical school experience with it, and it's long term impact on my professional life.

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Doctors changing medicine: Interview with Dr. Una

In this 23 minute interview, you will hear me talk about my ADHD diagnosis and accompanying symptoms. I also talk about how harnessing ADHD traits to become a better doctor. 


Get a glimpse into topics I cover in individual and group sessions and advice on how to tackle common ADHD-rooted issues. See more videos here!