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Diana Mercado-Marmarosh, MD

I'm Dr. Mercado-Marmarosh, a family physician who has found a way to thrive with my ADHD diagnosis!

My whole life I have had to work a little bit harder than anyone else. It wasn't until medical school that I was diagnosed with ADHD. After the initial relief that I finally knew what was "wrong" with me, I was shamed by my own doctor for seeking treatment for my diagnosis. I was told I should know better because I'm a physician and that I'd outgrow ADHD.

Years later, I've learned how to live and thrive with ADHD, and I am now on a mission to show others how to create systems that tap into their zones of genius so that they can reclaim 5-10 hours per week for their personal life. 


“I have been working with Dr Mercado for the past 3 months—I have been able to create systems that support me in the clinical setting, close my charts at work—no easy task as I usually had about 50 charts or more open at a time. I have been able to spend time with my family.”

A. D.


“After participating in Dr. Mercado's group coaching- I have developed insight and awareness, new coping strategies, and ways of identifying problems. The program offered a safe space to discuss a range of topics and provided support and accountability. I was pleased to learn new relevant information.” 



“In just 2 weeks of working with her she was able to help me set up a system to close 140 out of my 240 backlog charts. I'm so happy I met Dr. Mercado when I did. I went into these group sessions feeling like a total mess and had no idea If I would lose my job to getting recognized for my growth. I will continue in her membership course.”
T. K.


“Diana generously shares her unique experiences thriving with ADHD as a physician executive, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and entrepreneur. In group and individual coaching, her genuine desire to help her clients shine through. It is so refreshing to hear how she overcame challenges in so many facets of her own life and how she also benefits from coaching, therapy, self coaching and various tools she shares to manage her own continued personal and professional growth. She is an energetic entrepreneur and motivates and inspires each of her clients to find our zone of genius. She is responsive to feedback and constantly finds way to make her programs even better.I feel so grateful to have crossed with Diana and the unique community of physicians she has created."



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